The Meter


The meter analyses data archives provided by media companies. It can be used in any Web browser. You can study the representation of different actors in media contents by running searches on different parameters (gender balance, visibility of political parties, individual interviewees, occupation titles). The searches can be narrowed to certain topics and time frames.

The Diversity Meter supports the internal development processes of newsrooms and media companies by making the important issue of diversity quantifiable, thus helping to bring it into conversations and making it a manageable element of journalistic content. The informative visuals and numbers make the biases and balances of media contents more transparent.


The Diversity Meter is based on NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology. The tool analyzes the grammatical elements of texts (such as word class, conjugation) and recognizes phrases. Then it runs searches with the parameters that the user has specified and presents the results in the form of diagrams and lists.


At the moment the tool can find persons’ names, titles affiliated with the names and political affiliations when specified in the text. In addition, the tool recognizes gender based on the persons’ first names.

This way, the meter recognizes what kind of voices are present in public discussions concerning certain topics; or, who get to represent certain professions and areas of expertise; or, what is the gender balance among, for instance, certain professions.


Media audiences and their habits are meticulously metered in the media companies, often with the help of external services. In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in analyzing the contents as well, one example of this being the tools to study gender balance.

The Diversity Meter takes the digitized content analysis to the next level. It provides information about the visiblity of professions, organizations and even individuals (such as front-row politicians) in particular public discussions.

The Diversity Meter brings the automatized analysis of media contents within the reach of any newsrooms and reporters. If you are interested in the possibilities that the Diversity Meter can offer you, please contact us!

”The Diversity Meter does the kind of basic content analysis work that used to be done by media researchers in the universities and newsroom archives. This saves time and energy for the deeper qualitative analyses and provides raw material for newsrooms and researchers, who are still responsible for the interpretations and conlusions.”

Laura Ahva, Senior Research Fellow, Tampere University

tiimi (at)